We all have that moment when you start a new project and boldly declare how it needs to be different from all the other sites out there. For us-for this project- it wasn’t so much about being different as it was about being sincere. Sincerity in a hospital site may not be the first adjective that comes to your mind, but in this case it made sense.

After all, we were the ones using it.

Lexington Medical Center is an award-winning hospital right in our backyard. The site users are our friends, family and colleagues. We were honored to architect and built a site that they can utilize and enjoy. So, as a next progression to lexmed.com, we built the mobile experience m.lexmed.com

Turns out- it is different. Unlike other hospital mobile sites, it doesn’t offer paragraphs of irrelevant information or fluffy marketing language. It isn’t cold and clinical. The site does exactly what you need it to do in a simple, friendly way.

Want to call the front desk? You can’t miss the delightfully large phone icon. The site lets you call a patient with no trouble at all. You just need to know their room number. That’s it. Want to order flowers or send an e-greeting before you visit? No problem. That cute picture of your new granddaughter will look perfect as the wallpaper on your phone. Yep, you can do that easily as well.

Its easy to make people happy. Just give them what they need and want in a simple, courteous, friendly way. So we did just that. Introducing m.lexmed.com