14 years ago, two Riggs Partners (Cathy Riggs Monetti and Teresa Coles) sat around discussing how much work could actually get accomplished if once a quarter they worked for 24 hours straight. And then Teresa said, but “wouldn’t it be great if we did it for charity?”…and thus 14 years ago Create-a-thon was born.

This year, truematter was honored to be able to stop our shop for 24 hours and lend our support as a volunteer team. It was a rewarding experience to see creative leaders in our community come together and develop  identity for 10 South Carolina non-profits. Actually, it was more than rewarding, it was inspiring.

The truematter team worked on the Graduation Imperative project which aims to increase post-secondary graduation rates in Columbia, South Carolina. In just 24 hours we created a project name, developed identity, shot a photo library, developed a website, wrote copy, and established twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts.

I must be honest, we got a little slack from a couple people suggesting that our actions were devaluing our work/industry. Make no mistake, when you put together the consecutive hours spent multiplied by the number of people solely devoted to one project it adds up. Giving back to the community and those in need is a good thing; I assure you, no devaluation here.