It isn’t everyday you see a title like that. But we’re for real. Our very own Dean Schuster (@deanguin) is running the 2012 Antarctica Marathon. True Story.

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Getting in the Mindset for Antarctica

So basically, here is the run down:

  • Dean will be one of about 50 people in the entire WORLD to run the marathon this year
  • He went to Duke
  • He is a principal in our firm
  • And oh yeah, he needs to raise 30 grand to make this happen
That’s right, $30,000. We’ve made him a site ( where you can go and see what type of crazy fundraisers Dean is planning. It ALL goes to charity. In fact, it goes to Oceanites charity which focuses on conservation research in Antarctica.


If you can, help him out. Tell people. Follow the story. Help us to tell the story.


Happy Feet, Oceanities, Marathon, Antarctica, truematter

At the first fundraiser. He was in a penguin suit in 100 degree South Carolina heat.