First you should know that we here at truematter tend to be file Nazis. Everything has a place in our world of organized chaos and if you can’t find what you are looking for in under 30 seconds, it isn’t in the right place.

So today, in the midst of a client meeting (a very big and important client meeting), we somehow got on the subject of what we like to call “The Great Debacle”: a story of the internet in the late 90’s and the operating system we were using in our formative years. It was a bright sunny day in early September  (who are we kidding?)


the point is this story takes place back when the internet was akin to the Wild West. Dean Schuster, our experience design partner, was doing a complete file transfer on Windows NT when he lost everything. We mean EVERYTHING. The thought of this trauma still makes him physically hurt to think about it. This brings me to the point of my story. Today, I learned two things:

1) You must save, archive and organize all work.

The Windows NT debacle laid the foundation of truematter’s organization file system. It might have been traumatic then, but the lessons learned have been invaluable.

2) Dean was destined to go and run the Antarctica Marathon this year.

Yeah, random I know. But after the meeting, I decided to just go back and make sure the file system was super duper clean. That is when I found a picture from 2010 of Antarctica. Just a random picture we used as filler, before Oceanites, before the Antarctica Marathon and before deanguin was even remotely on our radar.

Truematter, Columbia, South Carolina, UX, Usability

The Image of Antarctica from 2010!

So, if you haven’t heard about our adventure to send Dean to Antarctica to help save the penguins and run on some of the most remote terrain in the world, you have now. We need your help to spread the word, to donate to the cause and to lend support.

Save your files. Save the penguins!