Maybe you’re in a rut, maybe you’re not. Doesn’t really matter. Ultimately we all need to be inspired by something that influences our work, our strategy and our current projects. We wrote a little while back about the design inspiration that can come from “Art”. Though inspiration can come from anywhere, there are times where you need a creative spark that directly correlates to the task at hand. When those times come, we turn to the following sites. They never disappoint. 


Pattern Tap 

What we love: It’s a great source for a variety of Web inspiration, but their easy-to-navigate search features are exceptionally useful when narrowing down to UI examples.

tm Rating: Top Pick 

Pattern Tap Homepage


Beautiful Interfaces

What we love: It’s a site that is clean, simple and easy to navigate. What UX nerds wouldn’t drool over that?

tm Rating: A Go-To Source

Beautiful Interfaces Home Page


Ui Parade 

What we love: Where to start! This is THE place for beautiful buttons, sliders and pagination examples. In addition to their growing catalog of images, they also offer a collection of free Web apps for designing UI elements. This is a great resource for independent freelancers.

tm Rating: A Go-To Source 

Ui Parade Home Page


Inpired UI

What we love: The world isn’t getting less mobile. So having a source of inspiration that focuses solely on mobile UI is a glorious thing. And better yet, you can switch between iPhone and Android examples with ease.

tm Rating: Top Pick 

InspiredUi Homepage


UI Cloud 

What we love: The search engine is an excellent tool if you are looking for something specific.

tm Rating: Worth a Look

Ui Cloud Homepage


Ultra Ui 

What we love: It’s a photo blog showcasing creative UI approaches to mobile and Web.

tm Rating: Worth a Look

Ultra Ui Homepage

We hope you’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for. If you come across some other favorites not on the list, be sure to send them our way!