Thank you for sending us your RFP.

We received it with the same delight as when we receive limited-time offers for new credit cards. While it’s always nice to be wanted, wisdom compels us to pass.

It’s not that we don’t want to work with you – we really do. We just never begin relationships this way. Since you went through great trouble and expense to craft this RFP however, we feel we owe you an explanation.

Here are the top ten reasons we did not respond:

We are busy.
Busy firms are usually busy for a very good reason.

We don’t work for free.
We wouldn’t ask you to either.

Your RFP is startlingly vague.
If you think your RFP is perfectly clear, stop reading right now.

You want us to provide an up-front price.
We understand this. But honestly, building the first hologram-based online store for astronauts housed in the International Space Station is a tad difficult to price without thorough investigation. For our opinion on due diligence, please refer to reason #9.

You want us to write a BIBLE.
We’d rather spend time solving problems than talking about our qualifications ad nauseum. And, just being completely honest here, we doubt you’d fully read an 80-page response document anyway.

You expect a show.
Tap dancing is for Fred Astaire. We’ll discuss whether we’re a good fit for your organization, but we’re not going to put on a performance. We’re also not interested in beauty contests.

You may be constrained by bureaucracy. We are not.
We get it. You may be required to solicit proposals. If that’s the case, hire us to help you write your RFP so it gets you what you need.

We value your time.
By not responding, we are doing you a favor. You now have one less response to review.

RFPs encourage mediocrity.
Oh, the presentations you’ll see! It can be fun listening to people endlessly tell you what you want to hear, but it won’t necessarily get you the right partner.

If we’re a fit, an RFP is unnecessary.
If our hard-to-find expertise fits your needs, take the money you would have spent on a lengthy RFP process and spend it doing highly valuable, irreplaceable discovery research with us. You’ll come away with an online roadmap that significantly lowers project risk and sets you up for success, guaranteed.


About truematter

Our team has been doing the real work of user experience since the earliest days of the commercial web. We’re out to make your digital products a whole lot better.

We’re not a perfect fit for everyone, and that’s totally okay.

Author: @ExperienceDean
Graphic: @djosephmachado
Editor: @baileysendsword