Columbia, SC – A marketing tool developed by user experience firm truematter and national shopping center owner, operator, and developer Regency Centers has proven to be a huge success. The tool was created to help Regency Centers manage their retail properties on their new website, also designed by truematter. Ten months after launch of the site and the marketing tool, Regency Centers has decreased the number of hours they spend updating their properties by at least 50 percent.

“With our old site, we would support updates with three people who divided their time. You were looking at 12 to 24 hours a week to keep the properties updated. Lots of time,” says Jan Hanak, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Regency Centers. “Using the marketing tool, we have one person supporting updates instead of three. We have really knocked down the time commitment at least in half.”

The marketing tool has saved Regency an estimated 12 hours per week, freeing up members of the marketing team to focus on other projects.

The marketing tool also allows Regency to plan property updates in advance, something that was not easily possible before. “We can much more efficiently tee up new properties on the website before they are to be publicly visible,” says Hanak. “We are loading up site plans, aerials, and photos and have everything ready to go so that we can flip a switch and the property is ready. Without the marketing tool, that process used to be more of a scramble.”

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