Columbia, SC – User experience consulting firm truematter launched a new website for national shopping center owner, operator, and developer Regency Centers in February 2017. As the site rounds the 10-month mark, it’s already proven to solve the online experience issues it was created to address. The site supports Regency’s core business objectives, improves efficiency for the Regency team, and will save Regency substantial website maintenance costs each year.

Since launch, Regency Centers has seen property brochure downloads—a crucial factor in business goals related to lead generation—increase by 60 percent. Connections with leasing agents—another crucial lead generation factor for the company—have increased by 45 percent.

The site also allows the Regency team to address their property needs in real time, and activity on property web pages has improved markedly. “We have noticed immediate improvement in being able to spin up new developments and special landing pages for those developments,” says Jan Hanak, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Regency Centers. “We have also had a lot of activity on our transaction pages, more activity than ever before. It was an immediate impact.”

The new Sitefinity website is now also much easier for the Regency team to update, increasing their efficiency by more than half. Maintenance used to take significant time from three team members over the course of a week. Now, maintenance can be done by one person in less than half the time, saving the Regency team website maintenance costs and leaving them available to pursue other projects.

The Regency Centers site is so successful because it was designed to, first and foremost, serve its users. “Truematter has the unique capability to read our minds,” says Dale Johnston, CIO of Regency. “They convince us of what we should already know about our stakeholders and users.”

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