The world is swimming in bad user interfaces. Difficult-to-use software and app design is the rule, not the exception. Most organizations, especially development-centric ones, recognize this. And, when it comes time for them to modernize, they usually make a common request: “We need a better UI for our whiz-bang product.”

They are not wrong. They do need a better user interface. But this realization is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Beyond Better UI

An easy-to-use, well-designed user interface will indeed work wonders. But to create a truly successful, modern product, you need something even bigger and more important: a firm handle on what it means to offer excellent user experience.

Recognize the larger issue.

Accept that your marketplace competitiveness and internal efficiency are linked directly to how real people perceive and interact with your organization’s products and services. This means that your UI is just one part of a more important whole.


Identifying bad UI is easy. Creating an end-to-end, superb user experience is a different thing entirely. Start by reading a few fundamental books on the subject. They are all easy, quick reads.

Bring user experience experts in early.

Most organizations bring in external resources to add a new visual veneer to a digital product that has already been fully defined (and even coded). Instead, make UX experts a key part of your digital product team, from early days of the definition process through testing and launch.

Expand your team.

Development shops don’t spontaneously become user-centered powerhouses overnight. You’ll need to develop in-house professionals responsible for the user experience of your digital products and services. Realigning your organization (or even just one team) is not easy. Start with one professional and make sure they have team-building skills. Slow progress is still progress.

Building a User-Centered Culture

Stellar user experiences make for a highly competitive organization; more efficient, streamlined internal operations; and greater product and service adoption. If you want this, then there are no two ways about it. You must move beyond surface-level UI focus and embrace a deeper, holistic approach to user experience strategy and design.

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